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Alex Seryoua: Episode I Alex Seryoua: Episode I

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


liked it quite a bit, but the animation still needs a bit of work. I like the camera effects as well, maybe there was a bit too much jerkiness with it, but it still worked well. 5/5 can't give it a ten yet because it does need some more work to be that good.

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:: Once You Go Black :: :: Once You Go Black ::

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

and I disagree

saying that you don't care what he says is proof that you do. I disagree with what he says, but obviously you guys do care what he had to say because you responded to it. And lavagasm, why does it have to be racist because he's making fun of a oft-used phrase? Calling someone racist for that is proof that there is way too much racism by fact of calling everyone racist. And people are just looking for a reason to play the race card and call everyone a racist for almost anything. Besides there was about as much racial commentary about white people anyway. *sigh* love foamy and this series. it was a little boring compared to some of the great episodes though.

The General The General

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great song

it's one of my favorite songs too. Dispatch is a very good band. Not great animation, and some of it was not what I pictured the song to be. It seems like you went pretty simple with it. I'd like to see you or someone do a better version. But, you get a good score from me cause the song deserves all of it.

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Kool-kev51 responds:

I would also like to see someone do a better version. My flash talent is very limited, but hopefully someone who knows what they are doing will see this and make a better version. Thanks

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Riskful Thinking Riskful Thinking

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


well made, but games of chance get kind of boring after a while. Also, the stocks seem almost useless to me with how some of the 50-50 games let you double up quickly, and the number guessing game gives huge rewards(I kept starting a new game and betting it all on that till I won, and then made my fortune there, as it gives you 25x your bet if you win, even though coin flip/rock paper scissors/other games gave much higher chances of winning, they don't give nearly the reward). For an idea about how luck can go in the game, one time I was doing the number guessing game and used the same number over and over again until I ran out of money. It was around 160 times. Yeah, 160 times without getting a number even one time.

Now for the problem....I got a game over screen when I was going to top $2 billion. It took quite a while to amass all of that, and to get a mysterious game over for it really sucked. Oh well. Well made it seems, just relies on chance and luck too much to keep my interest for too long. That and the problem I mentioned above is what dropped the score for me.

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Defend Your Cheese Defend Your Cheese

Rated 3 / 5 stars

good game, too hard for me

While a challenge is good, and it is addicting in some ways, I just thought it was too hard on the whole. Having an easy setting where the second level is almost unbeatable is a little ridiculous. After too long and too many tries, I finally beat level 10 on hard, but it was way too hard and I think a lot of luck was involved. Because of that, I decided to quit instead of try any of them on very hard. The only reason I went that far was to try and unlock the last character, but even after all the levels on hard it still isn't there? Is it for multiplayer only or do you have to beat the whole game? It would suck to have to beat the whole game before you can get the strongest character. Although, it was hard enough to afford the owl even on the later stages because they got swarmed and eventually their owls/cats killed your own, and unless you had several out there, you're left with no cheese and no defense, so you lose.

Suggestions: fix the speed of the mice/rats. Sometimes you can deploy several and a couple of them zoom along, and the rest just slowly make way across. This causes problems when you're trying to swarm a stronger enemy because by the time the rest of the mice/rats get there, the others are dead, so you just wasted a bunch of money to see all of them killed. Also, I don't like how they sometimes just run past the enemies. This also gets bad if you just spent all your money and the enemy has a cat or an owl, since your guys will be dead while getting no money for it and not even defending your base.

For the easier difficulty levels, I'd like to see some kind of, I don't know, difference in more money per kill, or more to start, extra damage, something. As it is, there's not a big difference in difficulty that I can tell, except in the later stages when the hard ones are almost impossible. Also, I think it'd be nice to see at least the first level be actually easy to get people into the game, and used to the strategy and gameplay.

I'll tell you how I got past the last level on hard though. Well, what I can remember of it. I spammed tacks right near their base where the cat was going to be. Even after the first one dies, another one will be there soon. I think after that I saved to get a cat for myself, even though I had to let them eat some of my base to wait and get it. Then I spammed the tacs again until the second cat died. Then I kept getting cats with the occasional brown rat/black mouse to help when he got to the owl until finally I was able to get an owl. If you've made it that far, I probably don't need to explain more. Keep an owl or two at the back and let one (or more) go forward and then save until you can buy enough brown rats/black mice to take town their cheese. I would advise against saving for enough black rats, because after a while they start to send owls out again. I don't know how many since I won a few seconds after one came out but it was definitely getting harder, so I think it was best to end it quickly. As I said before though, I think it was a lot of luck though, because sometimes the rats will ignore the tacs or your cat will lead out their cat too early and you get cornered too much, or if you send out a mouse/rat at the wrong time the same can happen there.

Hope this helps anyone stuck on level 10, and I hope the developer will make some of the "easy" parts easier. If it was a bit easier I'd enjoy it, but as is, I probably wont play it any more.

Cheat2Win Cheat2Win

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

either a glitch or I missed something

Not really sure what happened. I got past level 9 the same way the guide said, got stuck on level 10 and trying to figure out the ctl thing you said I accidentally hit the m key and had to start the game over. So I had to go through it all again, and I couldn't get past level 9. I used the start key and everything, but it wouldn't work again. Is there some reason why it wouldn't work more than once? Just seems weird to me.

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~The Girl From Memory Planet~ ~The Girl From Memory Planet~

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I have to agree with the guy before me. Part of me wants there to be a little more variation, but I don't think it'd have the same effect. I've heard some of your other songs as well and like them quite a bit. Great job.

To the End of The World To the End of The World

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

pretty good

I like it, but it is a little too much at times. The guy below that says it makes him think of flying fighter jets is right, it kinda reminds me of music from Top Gun, but more than that it sounds quite like some of the music in Days of Thunder.

** \ Inhuman Way / ** ** \ Inhuman Way / **

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I didn't hear it before you remixed it, but this is the best I've heard from you. Everything fits very well. The effects are great and the transitions are all done well. Great melodies, parts reminded me of Trans Siberian Orchestra. Really really great. I don't think I have any criticism of it at all.

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Sonofkirk responds:

Thanks for the great review dude. I don't know what s Trans Siberian Orchestra, I will check.
Thank you again mate, \m/